Wednesday, 22 October 2014

#52WPNMC - Grey + A Colour - Autumn Leaves

Hi Goddesses

Autumn is one of my very favourite seasons.  The nights getting darker, the puddles, the mounds of crunchy leaves ... and sadly there's not a lot of Autumn on the blog this year, as I decided to go all out for Halloween instead.

However, this Autumnal orange-a-rama does make it through the spooky stuff.  The colour prompt was grey and a colour, and I knew I wanted something bright and obnoxious.  Step forward orange - well, 6 oranges to be exact.

The base is the lovely Count Your Shadows by Digital Nails - lovely and pale, and with some amazing flakiness going on inside.

I then stamped with MoYou Tropical Plate 04 and my orange Konad polish.  For some reason, I also decided to create a super large version on my ringer finger. Nope, no idea.

And then a strange feeling came over me - how empty and barren my mani looked in this world of leadlighting.  Isn't weird how a mani you would have been proud of a year ago can leave you feeling like an underachiever lol.

So I cracked out my oranges and coloured in!  I used - 
Different Dimension - Tubular
Darling Diva - RuPaulogize
OPI - Lighten Up, You're Two Pence!
OPI - Call Me Gwen-Ever
OPI - Where Did Suzi's Mango?

Nire's Desire - Megashira

Hi Goddesses

Another Nire's Desire for you today, and this one is a dramatic blue-leaning blurple with a dollop of pink shimmer.

Megashira totally gets its prettiness from the shimmer.  The blue it's sat in isn't navy, blurple or royal, but some mixture of the 3, and it's the pink that lifts it into more heavenly realms.

It's quite a glowy polish, and greedily pulls the light in.  

Because of the pink, I decided stamping with pink would be an awesome idea.  Turns out, not so much lol.  I do like the pattern though, which is from LilyAnna plate 04.

Because I had some neon studs from Born Pretty Store that needed using, I added these in too.  Personally, I think it's too much, but there's something quirky about the photos that does make me smile.

This polish, and the studs, were sent to me for an honest review.  You can purchase Nire's Desire HERE and Born Pretty Products HERE.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

#52WPNMC - 1970s - Lava Lamps

Hi Goddesses

The first of this week's #52WPNMC prompts is 1970s and I kept returning to the idea of lava lamps.

Until I started Googling, I thought the blobs just sat there, I didn't realise they "birthed" from the bottom, so to speak.

I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as my base, and then lava'd with 5 holos from Liquid Sky Lacquer, which had sat untried since the start of the summer - 

thumb - Beach Bonfire
index - Papaya Smash
middle - Strawberry Mojito
ring - What Was Your Name Again
pinkie - Sizzle

For each, I started at the tip of the nail, with one bubble starting to form, and then added loose, floating bubbles higher up the nail.

I really like how this turned out - it was a very bright and happy mani to wear - and I think that's partly because of the skittle effect.  Oh, and that it looked like cow print from a distance!

Monday, 20 October 2014

13 Days of Halloween - Blood

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to a Halloweenfest!  It's not quite Halloween EVERY day til the end of October, but pretty close.  As I mentioned in another post, I wanted to try and get back to the gruesome, gothic heart of Halloween, and not the candy-coated American version.

Today's mani is very simple and is a testament to the power of a polish to inspire.  

Said polish is the brilliantly named, You've Got Red On You by Cadillacquer, a gothic burdundy-black polish with red glitters.

I ended up wearing mine matte, and then played on the name and added some blood using OPI Cinnamon Sweet.

I wanted my letters to look rough and bloody, so I used a thin dotting tool rather than a brush.

I kinda like it :)

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