Monday, 26 January 2015

31DC2015 Day 26 Fishbraid

Hi Goddesses

I absolutely LOVE fishbraid manis, there's just something about the triple whammy of colour that warms my heart, but sometimes they can be a beast to do.

My success rate is about 50/50 with them, which really pees me off, as my first one was perfect, and I wasn't prepared for failure to come AFTER.   What I've earned since is that there are a LOT of variables ready to ruin your fishbraid, and I'll go through them soon in a SIMPLES tutorial.

Today we have a stunning colour combo.  In fact, the base is so delicious, it's going to get it's own post.  It's Scattering Sunlight from Lilypad Lacquer (via a duo Nicole did with Octopus Party Nail Lacquer), and it's just incredible.   You can have a little peek now, but for details on exactly HOW incredible, you need to come back in a couple of days.

To make my fishbraid, I wanted to highlight some of the colours in the polish, so picked Barry M Blood Orange for my red, and my beloved OPI Sparrow Me The Drama (below the halfway line now - eeeeek!) for the pink.

I love how these 3 polishes work together, and I was actually quite sad to take this one off.

Above The Curve - Doctor Who Collection

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to the final post featuring Above The Curve polishes I was sent for review.   This one has the Doctor Who polishes, and don't tell the other 2 collections, but these ones were my favourites :)

Again, there's some very un-Crumpet-y polishes in this mix, of which Banana To A Party is the first one - yellow.  Yeh.

Despite it's unashamed yellowness, this polish does have beauty and depth in all the shimmery fleckiness.

Donna is just fabulous.  A rich dark orange, faintly metallic, this is as distinct as the character it represents.

This has holographic dusts that sits ON rather than within the polish.  This is a true beauty.  Titian terrificness.

Pretend It's A Plan is a violet-edged purple holo.  This one was quite bright on the nail, and made a lovely change to other more pedestrian purples.

The sizzle makes this polish - if you want a purple that will stand out from the crowd, this one's for you.

The Silence may just be THE polish of the collection.  This is a fantastically deep blackened purple holo.  Utterly mesmerising.

Actually, is that right?  Is it blackened purple, or is it purple-flecked black?  Either way, this burns with dark light.  A masterpiece.

The Tardis.  Ok, I struggled a little with this one, because it's not Tardis blue, and I don't get why it's not.

Still, this is a nice, deep oceanic blue, very much the twin to Donna, and full of light.

You Call Me Sexy is a metallic red, deep in tone.

Again, this is twinned with Donna and The Tardis and shares their metallic and holo-dust properties.

And finally, everybody's favourite quote - Wibbly Wobbley Timey Wimey :)  Who doesn't ADORE that episode and that moment?

This is a multichrome micro glitter, and I have it layered here over Thracian Sea by Elevation Polish.

All in all this collection is an absolute winner.  Dark in tone, this has some really standout polishes. These polishes were sent to me for an honest review and can be purchased HERE.

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