Friday, 30 January 2015

31DC2015 Day 30 - Something You've Never Tried Before

Hi Goddesses

Ok, here we go, more messy decal madness!

As you may know if you follow this blog, me and watermarbling don't get along.  I really struggle to get my polish to spread, however much I yearn for those amazing patterns.

I recently saw THIS tutorial on Betty's Beauty Bombs, and wondered whethered it would be a better option for me.  Basically, you make your watermarble pattern, let it "set" on the water, then pull it out, cut it to the right size (AND pick the bit of the pattern you like) and plonk it on your nail.  So easy.

Yeh.   So again, I'm posting this one as a work in progress, something we can hopefully look back on in a few months when I have perfected it (cough).

2 things strike me - the see through bits in my pattern.  I don't know whether I need to do double rings, but man it annoys me, as does the slightly shaky lines in the water.  Oh and the lumpiness.  Flat it layeth not :/

Secondly oh this was messy.  I think other people may be better at cutting their decals to size - I ended up dissolving the "extra" bits with acetone and then getting all messy.  Yeh, YouTube here I come :)

Polishes used -
Morgan Taylor Sitting Pretty
China Glaze At Vase Value
China Glaze Lotus Begin

Thursday, 29 January 2015

31DC2015 Day 29 - Blue Base - Zoya Song

Hi Goddesses

I've fallen a little out of love with Zoya over the years, driven mainly by the year when they and OPI duped each other, and their price point in the UK, which is just way too prohibitive.

However, there's no denying that when Zoya get it right, they get it SO right, and Zoya Song is one of those legendary polishes for me, and probably my favourite blue polish.  It's definitely one I would replace if I lost it.

It's such an amazing sapphire - rich, yet still bright, and all that amazing shimmer under the surface.  The true genius of this polish is how it holds and refracts the light.  Gorgeous.

Before I stamped, I added a coat of Black Cat Lacquer Bay Harbour Butcher, a polish I owned before I understood its name.  It's a blue and black glitter, and you'll lol in a moment at how many of the black glitters ended up in the "holes" in the stamping pattern.

So, the stamping pattern is from Vivid Lacquer 034 and I used a silver polish to stamp with.

I'm somewhat agog that I managed to get each stamp straight - woah - and I love that it's an ace pattern, but which also allows the base to still demand some attention.

Crumpet Spring Clean - UK Blog Sale !!

Hi Goddesses

I am having a bit of a clearout AGAIN, so many goodies for you if you want them.

Again, up to 4 polishes in an envelope for £2.80 postage.  UK only due to silly postal regs.  If you see something you'd like, please email me on

Ok, here we go -

3 BN OPI Reds, never used, £5 ea - What's Your Point-settia, Red Hot Rio, Cinnamon Sweet

Zoya Farah and Dawn - slightly used, £3 ea, and Roxy and Moxie, BN £5 ea

OPI £5 ea - Puerto Vallarta Violetto (HTF), HooDoo VooDoo (classic), Kiss Me - Or Elf, In The Cable-Carpool Lane

OPI £5 ea - Rainbow Connection, I Snow You Love Me, Love 

Is Hot and Coal, I Carol About You

OPI £5 ea - OPI Scores A Goal, Embarca-dare Ya, I Knead 

Sour Dough, A-Piers To Be Tan. 

Sally Hansen nail pens - £8 incl postage for the 4

Purple Grab Bags - £10 ea plus postage.  4 polishes.

Indie Grab Bags - £20 ea incl postage.  4 polishes.

HOLO Grab Bags - £25 ea incl postage.  4 polishes.

smART Nails - Nail Art Stencils

Hi Goddesses

A few weeks back, I was contacted by smART Nails to see if I would like to review their nail art stencils.  By coincidence, I'd just bought (but not yet used) some off eBay, so I jumped at the chance to try some more.

Now, this is not the most positive review I've ever written, so I want to say upfront - I REALLY like the idea of the  product, the reality of it just needs tweaking.

These stencils are slightly different to other nail vinyls in that they sit over the whole nail.  For some patterns, this is a real bonus - like lining up the zig zags or chevrons.  They are also super sticky, but in the right way.  They adhere well, and are still sticky enough to reuse the next day.

For me, the product has 2 problems.   The first is that they are super thin.  This means that delicate or hole-y designs struggle against the weight of the polish when you start to pull it off, causing distortion of the pattern.

Secondly, this problem only gets worse when you try to reuse the product, and you will want to reuse it, given the price (USD1.99 for 10).  You won't want to use a new one on each finger and spend $1.99 per mani.

As you can see on each of the manis I did, the pattern gets more distorted as I reuse the sticker.  The thumb is always the first nail I do, and is therefore the crispest.  Some of them deteroriate quite badly.

I know other bloggers have had more success with these - maybe they didn't reuse them, I don't know.  I think you'd probably get better results sponging your polish on top of the stencil (less weight), but I am not sure whether this would give you the colour density you need.

So, sad to say, I'll use my remaining stencils but won't be buying anymore.  If they can fix the weight issue, they have a potentially great product, but at the moment, these stencils don't give guaranteed results.

You can check smART Nails out HERE.  These products were provided for an honest review.

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