Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Purple Mermaid Dotticure

Hi Goddesses

Another post from the vault today.  I'm not sure whether this was done for a challenge, but for some reason I never got round to posting it.

This combines several of my favourite things - lots of purple polishes, dotting and a mermaid dotticure.    I tried to use my very favouritest purples, but that's not always possible as purple can lean brown or blue.  Still, I'm really happy with the colour combo here.

Mermaid dotticures always look gorgeous.  IMO, they're not as difficult or as time-consuming as they look, you just have to get a good system going.

I'm always keen to use a mixture of textures as I think it adds more interest - in this one we have holos, glitters, shimmers, all sorts!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Jacava Nail Art - Blue Gradient Flowers

Hi Goddesses

Today I have a mani which I LOVE and which I also think is quite complex for me - although as you'd expect, it's actually really simple to do!

This was done using the Jacava nail polishes I was sent for review - Drury Lane, Mont Blanc and Mount Row.

First of all I did a gradient, which you've already seen HERE.  As I was looking at my nails, I could see a flower pattern in my head, and I hit on the idea of doing the flowers in reverse order to the gradient.

The flowers are super simple, done using a medium-small dotting tool.

The ony trickiness was the white.  When it was over Mount Row (the darker blue) it looked perilously close the the middle shade (Drury Lane), so some double dotting was required.

These polishes were sent for my honest review and can be purchased HERE.

Monday, 31 August 2015

It Girl 03 Meets the Color Club Pastel Neons

Hi Goddesses

Another mani today with the fabulous It Girl 03 plate which I was sent for review.  This was also a great chance to use my UberMat and make some decals!

I bought the Color Club pastel neons MONTHS ago, and then took my blogging break, and for the longest time they have been sat on my shelf staring at me accusingly.  This mani seemed a perfect time to use them!

There is no base on my nails, just base coat.   I stamped onto my UberMat (over a prepped aread of base coat) using Barry M Silver Foil, and then basically coloured in!

I loved the childish aspect of the colouring in lol, but I have to tell you, this KILLED my back!  I don't think I could have chosen a pickier pattern, and this took me pretty much an hour to do (for 5 nails), which is unheard of for me.

Still, the final effect was worth it, something about the pastels with that silver is just WOAH to me, and I really was reluctant to take this one off.

You can follow It Girl Nail Art on Facebook HERE and shop shop shop HERE.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

#ITrustIndies - Literary Lacquers

Hi Goddesses

Today, we rejoice in the world of indie, and a few bloggers and fans are choosing today to share their favourite indie brands and manis.

Out of all the madness, malarkey and yes, mentality of this week, I have been overjoyed to see so many fans coming together to support indies.  If you've never tried an indie before, please don't let the Mentality crap put you off - indies in general are amazing, crazily-gifted ladies (and a few men) who understand great customer service and will bend over backwards to be helpful.

I thought long and hard about which way to go with today's post, and in the end I decided to share a mani from MY favourite indie brand, Literary Lacquers.  Here are a few reasons why I love this brand -

- great product.  Amazing colours, mixes, finishes, as well as that fabulous literary theme
- good price point
- great quality - good brush, lasts decently, no sinking glitters etc
- holos to die for, and Amy's special holo trademark, a unique glitter and holo mix that's just g-g-g-gorgeous
- a maker who genuinely loves her customers and encourages interaction.  Amy's is the first "fan" group I remember on Facebook and she uses it to genuinely connect with her fans, run competitions and invite ideas.  It's a lovely, friendly place, with exactly the right sort of vibe
- super customer service.  You're not a number to Amy, you're a PERSON, and she treats you like a friend

I've been VERY lucky, and I have swatched for Amy for 2, 2 and a half years now.  That means I get to experience most of her amazing products for free.  However, I started out as a buyer and a fan, and I am still a buyer and a fan.  If she releases exclusives, I *still* go to her shop for them, and I am NEVER disappointed.

Today is not the time or the place to show you my favourite Literary Lacquer polishes.  It IS the time to explain why Indies are awesome, and show you a lovely mani done with 2 of Amy's polishes.

You have been watching a painted gradient of Blue Lullaby over Thermofish, with white stamped swirls from MoYou Sailor 07.

Literary Lacquers Etsy shop
Literary Lacquers Facebook page
Literary & Lacquers Fan Group (Facebook)

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