Thursday, 20 November 2014

#52WPNMC - Brown with Dark Metal Lacquer Holy Mountains

Hi Goddesses

Today's challenge was a hard one for me, and one I almost didn't do.  I am not a lover of brown in ANY way, and thus don't own many brown polishes at all.  I do own severallllll taupes, but I didn't want to cheat.

By beautiful coincidence though, I was asked to review some polishes for a British indie called Dark Metal Lacquer, and one of the ones she sent me was a brown holo called Holy Mountains!  How perfect is that lol.

I am not going to talk about that polish in *this* post (it's time will come), but it made a wonderful contrast in this mani to the creme base of w7 Buff.

I have almost always sucked at needle drag, but seeing Sveta Sanders bring them back with such popularity persuaded me to have another go.  Shockingly, it didn't go too badly, although I did have to redo 2 of the nails.

I learnt 2 things - don't overload your contrast colour.  Too much of the second colour and you get a blur, not a swirl.

Secondly - look how well that holo worked against the creme.  I am in LOVE with that contrast.

Aaaah, anyone else craving a hot chocolate right now?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Multi-Coloured Stamping with Cast A Spell

Hi Goddesses

As I mentioned earlier in the week, all these polishes from the Darling Diva Witchee Collection scream autumn at me, so it was no surprise that once again autumn nails were going to be the end result.

Again, I chose a leaf based pattern, and just as I did with The Arcanist, I again stamped with more than one colour.

I chose 3 Konad polishes, and picked the colours to show the leaves as they move through their decay - green, yellow and dark burgundyish.

The plate is Cici&Sisi 03, and this time, I put my polish on the plate in a variety of methods.

For the first few nails, I did my colours in stripes, to show the degradation of the leaves.  Then, to mix it up, I added my colours in blobs, so that they blended a bit more on the plate.  This is how the plate looked once it had been scraped -

I really love this technique.  It's super easy, and if you're looking to take your stamping to the next level, it's a great way to experiment.

Darling Diva Polish - THE WITCHEE COLLECTION - Cast A Spell

Hi Goddesses

Today I have a screamer of a polish for you - welcome Cast A Spell by Darling Diva.

This is an incredible orange holo - it's bright, but not brashly or overly so (and there's a subtle distinction there) and it's just so blooming perfect on the nail!

The slight metallic qualities in this polish, really push this orange in a perfect direction.   I love that they augment the colour, without turning it up to 11 - I hate when you need sunglasses with your orange polish.

This manages to be cool AND warm at the same time (don't as me how) and is a really lovely orange holo.  

This polish was sent to me for an honest review and can be purchased HERE.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

#52WPNMC - Book - Divergent

Hi Goddesses

It shows what a bad planner I am that last week I did a mani celebrating books, and this week another challenge has a book prompt.  You'd think I could have synced them up, eh?

I've had in mind what I would do for this mani for quite a while, so behold, the symbols of the factions in Divergent.

I read Divergent earlier this year and ROMPLED through it, and its sequels, falling in love with both the world that was created and the man candy of Four, the very definition of the strong silent hero who REALLY knows how to kiss lol.

To be fair, I am not a massive fan of the film - I think it missed in so many ways, and I am disappointed they think the last book can be a 2-part film, when the first is WAY richer.

For me, the 2 leads didn't really work.   Shailene lacks the vulnerability of J-Law and the guy who played Four just didn't have enough rawwwww for my liking.

Still, perfect book candy - treat yourself :)

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